Our story



The Grooms brass band was formed in 1984 in close association with Théâtre de l'Unité, one of the initiators of street theatre in France in the 1970's. From the beginning the Grooms have given equal importance to theatrical play and to music, while our musical repertoire emphasises eclecticism and playfully undermines the distinctions between 'elitist' and 'popular' music.

The company members come from different horizons: classical music, singing, jazz, theatre, theatrical improvisation, television...The musicians have little by little learned to become actors, and the actors, musicians. It is this complementarity between theatre and music that gives the group its originality.

Since its formation the company has visited 32 countries in 5 continents and has performed in some of the most important theatre festivals in the world.

7 shows have been created by the company: Fanfare Tout Terrain (1984), The Tragic Flute (1998), La Tétralogie de 4 Sous (2002), La Baronnade (2002), Les Ballets Grooms (2006), Un roi Arthur (2009) et Le bonheur est dans le Chant (2011).