The Company Members



6 musicians perform in all the company's shows and form the core of the group :

Jacques Auffray : trombone, singing, character roles

Antoine Rosset : baritone saxophone, compositions and arrangements

Christophe Rappoport : trumpet

Serge Serafini : baritone saxophone, arrangements

Bruno Travert : alto saxophone

Axelle Ciofolo de Peretti : soprano saxophone


Other musicians join the group according to which show is being performed :

Diego Asensio, Raphaël Gouthiere, Pierre Samuel, Elisabeth Hérault, Leïla Zlassi, Nadine Bechade, Sandrine Colombet, Macha Lemaître, Antoine Le Roux, Damien Ferrante, Sevan Manoukian, Arthur Deslandes, Elisabeth Coxall, Michael Chartois...


And others have performed with us occasionally and undoubtedly will do so again :

Jean-Marie Gerintes, Raphaël Rodriguez, Elise Ladoué, Audrey Coumeynides, Christine Oehlkern, Maryseult Wieczorek, Jean-Christophe Cornier, Jean-Yves Le Naour, Dana Rappoport, Daniele Cabasso, Laurent Searle,

David Pouradier-Duteil, Jean-François Chiama...