Un roi Arthur


An opera for brass-band and 3 singers, based on the work by Henry Purcell

"The gods pity mankind that will perish for gold"
King Arthur, Act I

The Grooms work with three opera singers to bring you a unique, unexpected version of a landmark of the English musical heritage: Henry Purcell's King Arthur (1691).

Without musical scores, without décor and without a conductor, the eight members of the company present a street version of the work which is light, funny and refreshing, which can be enjoyed by all ages, and which allows non-specialists to enjoy a style of music which is all too often reserved for connoisseurs.

The level of musicianship is exceptional, and comic moments alternate with great operatic airs. The audience will be enchanted by the skills of these actor-musicians.

Arrangements : Antoine Rosset and Serge Serafini
Directed by : Etienne Grebot
Adapted by : Jacques Auffray
Coproducers : Norfolk and Norwich Festival (United Kingdom), Royal National Theatre (United Kingdom), Kultursommer Rheinlandpfalz (Germany), ville d'Avoine (France), Association Les Grooms (France).
The Grooms are subsidised by the Centre region of France.