La baronnade


The 'stooge', or 'plant', is a traditional figure in the popular theatre of fairs and the streets...

An accomplice hidden amongst the crowd, whose real identity remains a mystery. Les Grooms (The Bellboys) have become masters in the art of using this tradition to their own creative ends.

They hide their opera singers in the most unexpected places and in the most unlikely costumes. It could be the woman on the market place with her shopping bag stuffed full of leeks and carrots who suddenly bursts into a perfect rendition of Mozart. Or the butcher who first of all chases Les Grooms out of his stall before ripping forth with his baritone voice in a version of Wagner's Rhinegold.

Sometimes there's even more confusion when a real spectator joins in the game, and turns out to be an excellent musician. But the most startling effect of all is when, to the suprise of everyone, a whole chorus hidden in the audience suddenly breaks into Verdi.

The experience Les Grooms have picked up on their extensive travels has made them into expert manipulators. They are wonderful musicians, but even better fraudsters, whose special skills can bamboozle even the most blasé and sophisticated connoisseurs. The general public, meanwhile, is merely flabbergasted.

Arrangements : Antoine Rosset and Serge Serafini
With the support of "Chalon dans la rue" festival