A brass band for all occasions, and specialists in bringing about well-being through comedy and music, the Grooms are available for all kinds of events: openings, conventions, banquets, private soirées...


Dressed in their red outfits with golden buttons, they will entertain your guests with a relaxed, humorous performance style which oozes class. Using their vast experience of improvisation, they can turn any chance happening into an impromptu scene mixing song, dance and theatre. An opera singer can be integrated into the show.


The Grooms' musical repertoire is rich and varied, with more than 50 original pieces and arrangements of classical music, jazz, salsa and world music.


The Company has existed since 1984 and has already been invited to numerous events; for instance, they entertained VIPs in the Stade de France during the World Cup tournament of 1998.


Musical arrangements by Antoine Rosset et Serge Serafini