Les ballets Grooms


Once again Les Grooms wish to throw themselves into battle against another pillar of bourgeois art : the ballet (using the fervent energies of the mythical Ballets Russes).

A real dance performance of the kind that you only normally get to see at the opera.

Five Russian ballets arranged by Antoine Rosset with Les Grooms as orchestra and corps de ballet, aided and abetted by two classical dancers.

Of course they'll be performing this in the street, and of course they want to immerse themselves in all the recent movements that have revolutionised modern dance, from Pina Bausch to Alain Platel to Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui...

Of course there'll be laughter and emotion.

There'll be a real dancer in a tutu dancing on the tips of her toes on a magnificent floor surface surrounded by her accompanying musicians.

There'll be a real dancer who'll suddenly come out of the audience and surprise us with a stunning pas de deux, and, who knows, maybe there'll be a Groom who'll surpass Nijinsky...

The spirit of the Ballet Russes will live on in this heady mixture of movement, song, music and theatre.

The show will wind its way through the urban streets, and undoubtedly there'll be unexpected twists and turns on the way. And that's where Les Grooms are most at home.

Arrangements : Antoine Rosset and Serge Serafini

Set : Pascale Hanrot
Costumes : Jacotte Sibre
External eye : Alain Beauchet (Cie Artonik)
Special effects : Bill Palmer (Cie Avanti Display)
An idea of Jacques Auffray

With the support of : Le Hangar, Fabrique des arts de la rue Amiens Métropole (80), Festival "l'Humour des Notes", Relais Culturel de Haguenau (67), Atelier 231, Centre National de Production des Arts de la Rue (Sotteville les Rouen, 76), Theater op de Markt / Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Lieux Publics, Centre National de Création des Arts de la Rue, Marseille (13), CMA Jean Vilar, Champigny sur Marne (94), Le Moulin Fondu, Noisy le sec (93), Cie Off, Pôle des Arts Urbains (37), ADAMI, DRAC Centre, Région Centre, DMDTS, SPEDIDAM