Fanfare tout terrain


With a "play-anywhere-for-anybody" sense of adaptability, The Grooms promise you a joyous mélange of music and comedy. Their varied repertoire ranges from folk to jazz, from ethnic to the classics, from medieval airs to film themes, with a smattering of original compositions thrown in. Sometimes, they even sing...

This multi-talented team can improvise a tune for a single passer-by or suddenly become a living red-carpet; are capable of inflicting an individual musical torture session, or of attacking a shop or a group of pedestrians ; and might well finish off with a tender serenade to a lucky bystander.

The Grooms offer a quality musical service indoors or out. They are ready and willing to use their improvisational skills in any environment and circumstances, no matter how unusual.

Arrangements : Antoine Rosset and Serge Serafini
Directed by Jacques Livchine and Hervée de Lafond