Les ballets grooms : Press


"After having dealt with opera, the Grooms re-invent 5 Russian ballets for a walkabout show which is both funny and poetic"
La vie, 20/7/2006


"It's always on the corner of pedestrianised streets, or on a square, that you find outdoor performances like that of the Grooms, where it's so busy that you have to jostle for space or twist your neck if you want to see this street ballet for brass band and two dancers."
Le Figaro, 23/7/2006


"The choreography very cleverly mixes the expertise of classical dance with the seductive arts that belong more to popular entertainment. The mixture is really quite amazing."
Le Dauphiné Libéré, 23/7/2007


"From the opening day, the Grooms won over the audience who already knew them from past performances. The theatrical brass band demonstrated that simple ingredients can make a delicious cocktail. They know how to make the body sing."
Le Parisien, 22/7/2006